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South Mesa RV Park and Yuma Arizona

After some last minute shopping in Quartzsite, I headed south on US 95 to Yuma. Yuma has three Walmarts, and no (free) overnight parking. Only one of the RV parks has a Passport America discount during the winter, so I decided to try it. (I joined the "50% discount" Passport America club at the big tent show, this was my first use.) With the discount, it was less than $40 for a two-night stay at South Mesa RV Park.

Of the hookups, the 30-amp socket was jammed so I used my new 50-amp dogbone cable, the water faucet was so crusted with calcium that my hose wouldn't screw on, (I used a neighboring sites second hose bib) and the sewer connection was so slow that I had to keep shutting the valve to avoid having my hose pop off again. (Yes, I did spill some when it popped off.) It took me over an hour to drain and flush my tanks. The site was gravel with a concrete patio and a small palm tree. It appears that most of the park residents were there for much longer stays than I was.

The park is 8 miles south of the Marine base, and further than that from any useful shopping. I spent much of a day doing laundry, which was at the other end of the park from my site, so me and my cart got a workout going back and forth. (The office, pool, clubhouse, laundry, and restrooms are near the park entrance.) The Verizon signal was slow and unreliable.

While my experience with the park was not great, the distance from anything is the main reason I probably will not be back. There are free camping spots almost as close to Yuma.