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As you may have noticed in prior pictures, there is now a beige Chevy Tracker following my around. The 4wd models of the tracker (also sold by Geo and Suzuki) is towable 4-down. Mine is a 2002 4-door model with over 160k miles, but both the inside and outside don't look it. Unfortunately it did need some engine work, which delayed me for a few weeks in Medford. The tow bar I had installed is a Roadmaster Falcon All Terrain. The bar in the front of the car does come off, but since I did not plan on driving it much in the few days I stayed where I took the pictures I did not bother.

It snowed while I was at this BLM land in the eastern Sierras. The reason I chose this spot is the hot-spring fed pool shown to the right, one of several in the area. If you want directions ask me, I am deliberately not publishing the exact location.


I too roam the west and am always appreciative of a hot bath...especially free. Where are these? How hot do you think they are?



Comment by Mike Herrmann Sunday 03 November 2013 01:11 UTC
Sweet. Makes life easier, I'm sure.
Comment by Linda Sunday 03 November 2013 17:13 UTC
My son and I are planning a road trip to BigSur from east texas. Along the way we will be stopping at Joshua Tree for a night. Could you PLEASE tell me the location of this warmly beautiful spring. It would be greatly appreciated. Happy Travels. Kelvinmwallace@gmail.com
Comment by Kelvin Wallace Monday 23 December 2013 03:07 UTC

Hello! I'm hoping to visit this area coming spring/summer. May I have the location of the springs? I'm always looking for more private springs, as an introvert. The Holtville springs were nice, but, waaaay too social for my liking. Would LOVE to enjoy hot springs in more solitude, if possible. This looks like one could grab opportunities of solitude.

Thank you!


Comment by Priscilla Saturday 18 January 2014 20:08 UTC

Here's my email if you don't mind sharing the free hot spring location: gab21921@gmail.com Thank you!

Comment by Priscilla Thursday 06 February 2014 23:15 UTC