Ramblings of a Techno-Viking

Ticking down to getting out of LA

After asking for, and getting, a few extra days to move out of the house I've already sold, the final move out is getting close.

Today I took a load of ewaste to a recycler and got over $150 for it. 171 pounds of computers, 150 pounds of cables, 80 pounds of SLA (dead UPS) batteries, 55 pounds of transformers, and 69 pounds of other stuff (sorted into the proper categories). TW Recycling pays much better if the stuff is sorted. I didn't bother with any of the stuff they only pay $0.03/pound for, there wasn't room in my car. I should take another load to LA City ewaste tomorrow. (No pay, but they are closer and open weekends.)

I also managed to get a better offer for my car from Pick-Your-Part than a neighbor gave me. $450 and they pick it up. Since my credit union had never informed the DMV my car was paid off, I had to go there and get a lien release from them.

Other than the few boxes I decided to keep, and the books I've sold already, (a few of the more valuable on ebay) my SF book collection is being sold off for me by a friend. Unfortunately several hundred books were damaged by an out of season rain storm. (They were in boxes in my carport.) Only one was an autographed first-edition hardback that should have been in my ebay fodder. The rough estimate of how many books I had is less than a ton, only about 1800 pounds.