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Selling Out and Moving On

As part of my purge, I'm selling various parts of my old life. My website has a page on Filk/Folk music for sale and one of Science Fiction and Furry artwork for sale. For the less collectible and things that are not worth shipping like furniture, I plan on trying Craigslist and a yard sale. Oh, I also have my house in escrow, so I have a hard date when I need to get stuff out of here. While the house is selling for less than what I think it is worth, there are many other good things about the offer. Some stuff it may make economic sense to keep till the bitter end, even if it means giving it away. EBay is another way I may try selling stuff.

Books are something that will be hard to sell. The typical SF mass-market paperback goes for $1 plus shipping on ABE. As I have over a thousand of them, and hundreds of hardbacks, just listing them all is daunting, let alone trying to research price. Books are heavy and bulky enough that I can't haul them all around. Maybe I'll give them to the UCR Eaton collection if they are interested.

Computers and Electronics are another special case, but one that's worth close to zero. Some may be donated to The Computer History Museum, they already accepted one of my old computers. The one pictured was just offered to them, it's on their wanted list. (It's a thinkpad with a powerpc processor.)

I'll be in my motorhome full time before the Rexhall Homecoming Rally. It is possible I will stick around Southern California for it, but the $150 fee combined with my experience at the Rexhall-NoNothing rally are two strikes against it. Last year I missed the Homecoming because I received my Rexhall during the rally. It has been almost a year since I purchased my motorhome.


See also my yard-sale page.

Looks like you're well on the way, then. Will you be headed to the RTR? If all else fails you could always find a BookCrossing group to dispose of the books for you. congrats on the house sale!
Comment by Linda Sunday 18 September 2011 03:45 UTC
Yes, I plan on being at the RTR, I hope to see you there. A freind is helping me with the books, about 60 sold, 1500 to go.
Comment by blarson Monday 19 September 2011 13:31 UTC
We ended up donating most of our books to a local library. All of those tech books that we spent $60 a pop on in the early 00's were going for pennies on the internet. Not worth the effort. So, Johnny loaded up his truck with thousands of dollars worth of books and dropped them off. I hope you come up with a more creative and beneficial way than we did. We did keep a couple like the TCP/IP Illustrated trilogy.
Comment by Hitekhomeless (jenn) Monday 19 September 2011 21:47 UTC

The tech books are basicly wothless, most of mine are in the recycle bin. I can't see burdening a library with something they would be lucky to get $.10/lb for. (Mine were mostly 80's and 90's.) TI is now selling their TTL data book for $0.10 postpaid, they don't seem to be making much money at it shipping them to England and Australia.

The ones that are selling are the SF, that mostly goes for $1+shipping on ABE. Some exceptions are worth significantly more.

Comment by blarson Tuesday 20 September 2011 00:46 UTC
Good luck with your yardsale, tomorrow!
Comment by Cyndi Sunday 02 October 2011 00:11 UTC

Well, not quite. At 40-50 lbs/box, 33 boxes is 1320-1650 lbs. That's my SF collection. Only a few hundred more pounds of electronics and travel books. Hauling them to the carport is still a lot of work.

Comment by blarson Sunday 02 October 2011 05:17 UTC