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Saddle Mountain

About halfway between Quartzsite and Phoenix is Saddle Mountain. Friends of Saddle Mountain helps the BLM manage the area. Verizon and T-Mobile signals were good, TV was marginal. I found some interesting (but probably not valuable) rocks, apparently there is petrified wood in the area as well. There are portions where the BLM does not own the mineral rights. Other than the traffic on the paved road and the freeway in the distance, I pretty much had the area to myself. (Perhaps it is busier on weekends or other times of the year.)

Just wanted to say big KUDOS for an excellent blog... i have read your journeys and wanted to say thanks... Keep safe, keep up the great blog and good luck with the summer job...

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Comment by 4x4Steve Friday 06 April 2012 18:29 UTC