Ramblings of a Techno-Viking

RV wish list followup

Now that I have an RV, I'll see how it matches my wishlist


  • reliable drive train

Ford F53 from 1995 with a 460 V8. About as good as can be expected.

  • no leaks

Minor discoloration near the the forward air conditioner and roof vent. No indication of real damage, and the dealer replaced the seals on the air conditioners and vent.


Many of these things can be fixed if needed, but that takes money and time. The others are things that can be lived without, but may be irritations or mean extra maintenance.

  • single-piece fiberglass or aluminum roof


  • V10 engine


  • ODB-II connector


  • Single-level floor


  • rotating passenger and driver seats


  • full-time bed


  • comfortable chair to read in


  • tires less than 4 years old

Dealer replaced with all new tires

  • larger refrigerator

No. I do like the handle on this Norcold better than the Dometic ones I've seen though.

  • lots of storage


  • oven

No. It has a microwave/convection oven that would require the generator when boondocking.

  • 400 AH or more of batteries

No. I think the battery tray can be replaced to make room for four 230 AH 6V batteries though. (It curently has two.)

  • 400 Watts or more of solar

No. I think there is room on the curb side of the roof.

  • about 30 feet (shorter is easier to park, longer has more room)

Yes, 28 feet.

  • twin bed

No. I'll need to replace the king.

  • desk to work at

No. Part of the bedroom remodel.

  • bedroom easy to remodel (nothing under bed, etc)

Partial credit

  • multi-level converter/charger


  • inverter

No. I'll use my small ones for now.

  • no slides


  • double-pane windows


  • good insulation


  • generator

Yes, 5500 watt. Bigger than most RVs this size.

  • levelers


  • usable ladder

It originally had one, but it was broken when I looked at this RV. The dealer removed the broken bottom section and first step, so I can use a step ladder to get on the remaining portion of the ladder.

  • place for bicycle

No, I'll have to add a hitch carrier, or put it in one of the basement compartments.

  • significant usable carrying capacity

Unknown, since I haven't weighed it yet.

  • able to tow a car

It should be able to.

  • glass door on shower


  • backup camera

No, I'll have to add one.

  • used recently to detect faults

The registration was up to date (September 2011), but it may not have been used much since 2008.

  • lots of basement storage