Ramblings of a Techno-Viking

RV wish list


  • reliable drive train
  • no leaks


Many of these things can be fixed if needed, but that takes money and time. The others are things that can be lived without, but may be irritations or mean extra maintenance.

  • single-piece fiberglass or aluminum roof
  • V10 engine
  • ODB-II connector
  • Single-level floor
  • rotating passenger and driver seats
  • full-time bed
  • comfortable chair to read in
  • tires less than 4 years old
  • larger refrigerator
  • lots of storage
  • oven
  • 400 AH or more of batteries
  • 400 Watts or more of solar
  • about 30 feet (shorter is easier to park, longer has more room)
  • twin bed
  • desk to work at
  • bedroom easy to remodel (nothing under bed, etc)
  • multi-level converter/charger
  • inverter
  • no slides
  • double-pane windows
  • good insulation
  • generator
  • levelers
  • usable ladder
  • place for bicycle
  • significant usable carrying capacity
  • able to tow a car
  • glass door on shower
  • backup camera
  • used recently to detect faults