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RV Maintenance

There were a few issues with my RV that I took it back to the selling dealer with:

  • Jack down light flickering when driving User error -- leveler system not turned off

  • Coolant dripping from overflow tank when engine hot Previous owner's duct tape "fix" to the cracked seam was failing -- now fixed with epoxy

  • Coach battery not retaining charge recharged -- see below

  • Water leaks through front air conditioner when it rains Seal replaced -- this was supposed to have been done before I picked up the RV

  • Bed hard to lift hold-up reattached -- this was mentioned in passing when talking, I didn't expect it to be fixed

Cue's RV did these fixes in a few hours while I waited without charge.

The battery still didn't hold a charge properly, so I decided to replace the pair of 6 volt batteries, even though they were only 2 years old. The previous owner had used 6 volt engine starting batteries, not deep cycle (golf cart) batteries. This was discovered when I took them to a battery store for replacement -- the new ones are much larger and heavier. I only got half-credit for the "core charge". As it was getting dark when I was trying to do the install, that has been postponed until tomorrow, assuming I can get it done before it starts raining. I considered and priced using AGM batteries, but decided not to spend the money on them at this time.

Due to the battery problem, I did not take the RV camping this week. I did take it to a large mostly-empty parking lot and practice driving -- I was surprised how well I was doing parking between the lines. Next week I will be going to Loscon.

The previous owner seems to have kept the interior in very good condition, and spent over $500 replacing the microwave/convection oven a year ago, but ignored many chassis issues. While the engine runs well, I don't know how long it has been since it has been serviced, and I want to take it to a truck mechanic to have it looked over, fluids changed, brakes checked, etc.

I have a Rexhall Aerbus myself and after I bought it I found out I neede a new lift pump. I learned that when you go to look at the RV make sure you are there when the salesman starts the engine so you know what you are buying.


Comment by Anonymous Friday 19 November 2010 04:56 UTC

Thanks for leaving the messages in my blog on giving me RV pointers!

I'll be following your blog...



Comment by Anonymous Thursday 25 November 2010 05:42 UTC