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Rubber Tramps Rendezvous and Quartzsite

Quartzsite is a small town in Arizona on Interstate 10 near the California border. Its weather is reasonably nice in the winter, and there is lots of BLM land nearby. (Both LTVAs where you can stay for months paying a fee, and places where you can stay 14 days free.) It started out being a place for gem and mineral shows, but when a lot of RVers showed up to attend those they got RV shows as well. Now it is a place where hundreds of thousands gather during January, peaking during the "big tent" RV show. (Down from the peak a few year ago.) Many groups have a rally or gathering, staking out a piece of desert for their RVs and tents.

I'm attending the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous, where they had several talks on living cheap in a van, trailer, or RV. Most of the Class C's here are older than my Class A, and I think I've got the only Class A. In the week and a half I've been here, people have come and gone, mostly singles but some couples, with several dozen signing in to the book. There have been talks on solar power, workcamping, traveling in Mexico, a women's only talk, and getting dental, optometry, or drugs in Mexico.

We've had a campfire every night, had community meals, helped each other with various problems. We have had demos of wind power, juggling fire torches, making wind sculptures out of aluminum cans, and gems that can be found. Most of us have gone into town at least once, braving the traffic (not much by LA standards) and picking up various bits and pieces. The view out my windshield is of hills, and from the back I can see hundreds of RVs of various flavors parked closer to the paved roads.

I've done some little projects on my RV, found problems that need to be fixed, gotten stuck, gotten some free stuff and found out about potential jobs at the big tent, and spent bunches of time and a little money at the Tyson Wells swap meet.

Many of the people here have dogs, and there are a couple of cats. The dog pack gets along surprisingly well. (Most have learned to avoid the cactus.) One of the dogs even has her own blog.

Attendee blogs and websites include:

The web site for the 2012 gathering is: http://cheapgreenrvliving.com/Rendezvous.html