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Rubber Tramps Rendezvous the Second

I'm sorry about not blogging for a while, I was having a good time at the second Rubber Tramps Rendezvous in Quartzsite (at the same location as last year), and did not make time for blogging. Next year we may be on the other side of Quartzsite.

This year, there was a seminar scheduled for almost every day. Not all of them were held, some were moved, and several more were added so it averaged about one a day, but there were several days that had two and others that had none. I gave one on LED lighting, with a second demo portion at dusk where I showed a number of the ones I have been using.

Several people got help modifying their vehicles. The solar install on a van will become an article, I don't know if any of the others will. In the picture Bob Wells is lying down on the job, holding up the ceiling.

We had campfires almost every night. (Some days were too windy.) Bob was worried about having too much firewood, so some people made bigger fires and we wound up having to buy more firewood.

At the big tent show, I got a job for the summer as a host in a National Forest campground, working for a private contractor. There will be more about this in a future posting. (There were four such contractors at the show, as well as other employers looking for people.) One of the few things I purchased at the big tent was a 50-amp to 30-amp dogbone adapter.

There's a list of other blogs that have RTR posting at http://suanneonline.blogspot.com/2012/01/rubber-tramp-rendezvous-jan-10-24.html

Glad you got something sorted out. I look forward to reading about that. What were the four contractors? I found two, but didn't spend much time at the show due to overcrowding. I am not a sardine.
Comment by Linda Sunday 05 February 2012 20:02 UTC