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Rexhall International "No-Nothing" Rally in Quartzsite

After leaving the Rubber Tramps, I stopped at the RV Pit Stop in Quartzsite on my way to Plomosa Road. There I filled with water, propane, and dumped. The Loves gas station has taken the handle off of their faucet and is no longer allowing people to use it. The pit stop had long lines and high prices: $15 to dump, $5 to fill with water, and almost $3/gallon propane ($2.70 + tax). Since my tanks were almost empty and full, with the exception of the grey tank, this was needed. I wound up driving around in circles in order to do all this, and they don't take plastic, but they do take personal checks.

Plomosa Road goes from AZ 95 north of Quartzsite east to Bouse. The BLM 14 day free area starts at the cattle grate just off of the highway. This is a much flatter area than Dome Rock Road, and the area near the road is flat and graveled, with bushes mixed with parking spots further from the paved road.

Rexhall International is a chapter of FMCA. There are also several other Rexhall owners chapters of FMCA, one of which co-sponsored the rally.

The "No-Nothing" rally was in the area near the road, with a dozen or so RVs in a square surrounding a fire pit, and maybe another dozen nearby. Most were Rexhalls, but since friends and non-members are allowed at this rally there were several other brands. Almost all the Rexhalls were newer ones with large slides, TV dishes, and a TOAD (towed car). I only saw two that looked to be of the same era as mine, and one of those had a for sale sign on it.

When I got there at about 2pm, I only saw one other person with the group besides the two other RVs that pulled in a few minutes later. A couple of hours later, people started coming back from town in their TOADs and gathering for the pot luck. Almost all were retired couples, and most people seemed to know each other. Overall, I did not feel welcomed and did not fit in with the group. I especially disliked being pressured into participating in a religious ceremony (grace at the pot luck). While most of the participants seemed to be having fun, it's just a group I don't have much in common with. The campfire was big and bright, and most people retired early to go to their motorhomes and watch TV, many running generators until late. I left in the morning.