Ramblings of a Techno-Viking

Rambling about not much

This is a blog entry on incompletion and indecision. I've got a partly written article that is going to be pretty technical, but I need to flesh it out before publishing. My first "mod" (being very generous calling it that) is halfway done -- I forgot to bring a philips screwdriver.

The other day I had a warning ticket about habitation not being legal on city streets/parking lots on my windshield. The cop then pulled over and told me to move my RV -- It's not parked illegally, but he wants it off that street. For now, I'm parked on a narrower street in front of someones house, rather than the wide street with plenty of parking. I'll have to look up the LA city ordinance on how long you can park on an unmarked street -- I think it's a week, but the cop mentioned 72 hours.

Thawing turkey in the refrigerator doesn't seem possible. In the past I've failed at three or four days, but this time I gave it six and I still had to use the water method to complete the thaw.

Not much seems interesting in the Black Friday sales. I may get up early to try and get a bigger inverter though. (2kw for $150.)

One interesting site I saw mentioned in one of the many RV forums is Roadside America. It's a list of quirky little things to see. I'll have to do some more playing tourist before I completely leave Los Angeles. Some I've seen and like, others sound interesting, and some are not of interest to me. (Who cares what movies it was seen in, I use to work in an office complex frequently used in TV and movie making.)

The other thing I'm doing this weekend is Loscon. I haven't missed one since I started going in the late 80's.