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Lessons learned and updates from my Quartzsite trip

I've added links to OpenStreetMap map locations on recent pages -- look for the little magnifying glass logo and click on it to see where I'm referring to on a map. The one here links to my Box Canyon Road site.

Here are some more pictures from the Rubber Tramps gathering I took before I went over to the Rexhall group. The moon in the late afternoon, a sunrise, and some of the Quartzsite air force performing maneuvers.

Lessons learned mostly the hard way (but only one was a real pain in the wallet):

  • My RV is long, and the rear end will keep the drive tires from getting traction when attempting to cross a ditch. Fix was to dig out where the hitch had dug in, and inflate the air bags to maximum pressure before slowly backing out of the spot. A little paint was lost from the bottom and the bracket for the trailer plug was bent.

  • Don't park in loose gravel/sand. This was the pain in the wallet, as well as a long wait for the tow truck. A La Paz Sheriff officer also helped.

  • The igniter on my fridge doesn't work reliably. It is possible to light it with a match. To do this by myself, I need to run it on auto from the generator, hold the generator compartment open while shutting off the generator, drop the cover, light a match, and get it stuck in the hole before the "propane not lit" sensor turns off the propane. Only once when I was trying this did I hear clicking and it lit before I got the match lit.

  • When set on max, the fridge will freeze things.

  • When the fridge isn't working reliably, use the ice chest with ice made in the freezer rather than attempting to use the ice in the fridge. The fridge does not make a good ice chest.

  • The water heater has a slow leak at the anode rod/drain plug. Leave the water pump off when not needed to avoid this problem somewhat.

  • Don't saw into the table holding the piece you are working on.

  • $0.50 bolt cutters won't open large enough to cut #4 wire.

  • Bring aloe-vera gel for sunburn and dry backs of hands.

  • It takes a little more than 1/2 gallon of water to flush the toilet.

  • Fill up with water before getting to the desert.

  • Bring enough groceries from California, Quartzsite prices are high.

  • The water pump on switch in the bathroom works, but the pump off doesn't.

  • It's easier to leave the wall light switches on and grope the ceiling in the dark for a light fixture than it is to figure out which switch is for the light in the dark.

  • A pizza pan makes a good cookie pan for the convection oven for a dozen cookies. People like being served hot chocolate chip cookies around the campfire.

  • Don't overfill the water tank.

  • It takes me about 2 weeks to fill the black tank.

  • The propane tank is more than 10 gallons.