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Pilot Knob 14-day

At the Sidewinder Road exit off of Interstate 8, to the north is The Museum of History in Granite, and to the south is a Shell gas station and the Pilot Knob LTVA. (The Shell station has a Dump Station and cheap propane.) If you go west on the frontage road on the south side of the freeway to where the pavement ends there is a BLM 14-day area.

This is flat, and the plant life is mainly creosote bushes with occasional ironwood trees. Verizon signal was excellent, as was the TV reception. Freeway and train tracks are visible, as is the Chapel at the museum, the rocks the LTVA was named after, and some sand dunes. I camped near some power lines and a falling-down house that was for sale, with a couple of motorhomes in the yard. (It did not appear to be occupied.) This does not appear to be a popular area, but there were several RVs camping closer to the freeway. While the location is convenient, this place just doesn't have much appeal to me. I did take a walk as far as the start of the dunes, maybe a half-mile from where I camped. If I go back I may park closer to the dunes.

The old WWII camp Pilot Knob is also somewhere thereabouts. The monument is across the railroad tracks north of the freeway.
Comment by Linda Saturday 29 December 2012 05:56 UTC