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Why no pictures?

While I could give the excuse my camera is old, clunky, and I've been having problems with the batteries for it (five of the six sets of four AA nimh batteries I have will no longer take a charge), but the real reason is I've gotten out of the habit of using it. Another reason is I haven't gotten into the habit of puting pictures on my blog, and it isn't my style to use random stock images from elsewhere.

The pictures I took of various RVs I looked at don't show anything you can't see by looking through ads on the various RV shopping sites. They were mostly taken for my own reference.

I did take a few pictures of an Oregon rest area between Medford and Roseburg. Upon reconsideration, I decided not to publish them with a comment comparing them to the ones in southern and central California, since it wouldn't be fair. The California rest areas see a lot more traffic (partly because they are spaced further apart -- even when there aren't a bunch closed for renovation) and the climate is not suitable for creating a pine forest. There are some nice rest areas in California -- the Lake Shasta ones and the Klamath River Highway one are examples. So I'll just use my pictures of the Cow Creek Rest Area (northbound) as a test of puting pictures on my blog. Click on the images for full size versions.

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