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Palmetto Ghost Town

High in the mountains of Nevada, near the California border, is a historical marker and the remains of some stone buildings. I spent a night in the parking area beside the lightly used highway. Palmetto was a silver mining community, with a peak population around 1906. There are dirt roads on both sides of the highway, but no signs to say if they are BLM or not. (Nevada BLM does not seem to put up as many signs as the California and Arizona offices.) Being high desert, it got pretty cold at night. Even with my antenna and amplifier, I was not able to get a Verizon signal to get online.

Lida, Blair, Goldpoint and Coaldale all seem to be ghost towns in that area. The whole area is more or less BLM, I'd bet on all of those spots being public land. I added a link to the BLM's land records search to your post on freecampsites.net if you plan to be in the area a while and want to poke around.
Comment by Johnny Sunday 29 April 2012 18:04 UTC
Lida had some houses that looked lived-in, so I would not assume it was BLM. Lida pass is 7480 feet, so quite a bit colder than Las Vegas.
Comment by blarson Sunday 29 April 2012 21:41 UTC
I'm envious of your foray down 266. I wasn't able to do it on my motorcycle due to its small tank size and the unlikelihood of finding gas. My Benchmark map says all of that area is BLM. I think I drove five miles in and five miles out to get the first historical marker, then had to back-track. Oh well; one day.
Comment by Linda Wednesday 09 May 2012 04:16 UTC