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A few more things

Not much to report today, just a few things I forgot to mention previously.

Like others have mentioned, my RV came with a big ring of keys. Five of them do something useful, three of those have duplicates. Two apparently don't fit anything. (One looks like a house key.) One lock doesn't have a key that fits it, but that one is non-critical. I'll be adding another key soon, since it doesn't have a locking gas cap.

The RV has two air conditioners, and only a 30 amp power cord. Only one can be run at a time when on shore power, selected manually. The generator can supply 50 amps at 120 volts, so both air conditioners can be run when on generator power.

Adding the RV to my auto insurance policy was cheaper than I expected. I'll need to take it in tomorrow since they want pictures.

Rexhall seems to have a better basement compartment door design than many other manufacturers. Despite the many dings over the years, all the compartments open, close, and lock smoothly. The simple stop that slides out to hold the door open won't wear out for many years.

I've also been playing with my ikiwiki setup, and think my blog looks a bit better. It's close to what I want for now. The RSS and ATOM buttons near the top allow you to subscribe to my blog. If you only want posts with a certain tag, you can click on the desired tag on the sidebar then use the RSS or ATOM button there. Let me know what you think -- Should the pictures be bigger or smaller? Should I do more or fewer? Any other ideas to make my blog better? You can email me at blog@blars.us or use the comment form here. All comments are moderated. (That means I see them before anyone else can.)

Hi Blar, Looks like you have a nice rig to hit the road with. Just a note about insurance. Make sure that your policy will adequately cover the possessions you have in the RV. As long as you have a stix and brix with adequate insurance it's generally not a problem because your homeowners insurance covers the possessions when they are out of the home. However, if you get rid of the stix and brix you need to make sure you have coverage for your belongings when they are in the RV. Lots of auto type policies don't include adequate coverage for your stuff.
Comment by Carol Monday 01 November 2010 15:24 UTC
Yes, I realize the insurance I have now is not for fulltiming. I'll change legal residence and get new insurance.
Comment by blarson Monday 01 November 2010 16:05 UTC