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More on my Aerbus

When I woke up at 5 AM to the sound of pouring rain, I remembered that I had left the roof vents open. Fortunately, not much rain got in.

It took me a while last night to figure out DS and CS in the owners manual are Driver's Side and Curb Side. Although the manual covers a number of different models on three different chassis, the wiring and plumbing diagrams are apparently the same.

All the pictures in my previous blog entry on my RV were taken on the dealer's lot before any fixes were done for me. The pictures here were taken today.

One unusual feature is this small mirror in the bedroom that folds down to a small shelf. There is a hole behind it into the closet that has wiring for a TV, I assume that it was designed to hold a 12" TV. However, it extends over the bed, so it makes it impossible to walk around that that side of the bed when the shelf is down.

This is the couch table I mentioned previously. The first two pictures show that there isn't room to get between the leg and the couch, and the plugs removed from the floor to put the legs in. The legs shown here are the replacements supplied by the RV dealer since one of the originals was missing. The replacements had to be modified since they are bigger around than the original, and don't give solid support to the table. They are also a bit too long. When the table is put on deep side to the couch, it is possible to sit at the two ends of the couch and use the table. The only ways I can figure out to sit between the legs involve feet on the couch or having someone set up the table with another person on the couch.

It is possible but not easy to access the under-couch area for storage. It involves partly puting the couch in bed mode, then lifting and pulling away the front with the furnace vents attached. There is not room beneath the couch to store the tabletop as the owners manual suggests.

There is an unexplained gap between the cupboards over the driver. There isn't over the passenger.

Strangely, the kitchen area has a wooden floor, with a small ring of carpet around it. The bathroom is carpeted. Why not do the easy-to-clean floor on all areas likely to get spills? As you can tell from the photos, I haven't removed the protective plastic from the carpet yet.

The drawers and shelfs in the center extend into the bathroom area between the shower and the second door, with the duct for the bathroom heat duct below.

The converter, breaker panel, and house DC fuses are located under the closet.

The rig is currently parked on a wide street that always has plenty of parking available, not all that close to my house. I want more practice driving it before moving it to a busier or narrower street. If you look closely, you can see I played with lowering the jacks, but didn't actually put them all down or level it. The truncated ladder and some of the many exterior scratches are shown here. This Rexhall came prescratched, with minor scratches and dings all around the RV.