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Metropolitan Water District access road

Joshua Tree National Park has information on "overflow" camping on BLM land outside their borders. After leaving the park from the south end, I turned east on a well-maintained dirt road where several RVs where camped. The road is marked "proceed at your own risk". I traveled far enough that the closest RV was barely in sight, and pulled into a convenient graded pull-through site. There is some kind of locked hatch that the pull-through is designed to access, labeled by the Southern California Metropolitan Water District. (MWD) Wandering around, I found a poorer maintained road near the humming high-voltage power lines that is what the park's map recommended. There are scattered trees, bushes, and flowering plants. I saw a couple of rabbits during my walk. This afternoon got rather windy and my motorhome is rocking. Verizon signal is good, but not T-Mobile.