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Mittry Lake

Between Christmas and New Years, I spent a couple of days at Mittry Lake, about 10 miles north-east of Yuma, Arizona. This is run by BLM and Arizona department of fish and wildlife. Camping is free, with a limit of ten days per calendar year. The road is dirt, with dirt spots by the lake for parking/camping, and more up a hill by a wide spot on a canal. Verizon signal was ok, no usable TV reception. There is a paved boat launch with picnic tables and dumpsters, and a paved lot with a couple of vault toilets. A series of jetties go into the lake, one of which has a paved path for people on wheelchairs. Ducks are common on the lake. Motorboats are used by fishermen on the lake, and the road is quite busy for a dirt one.

When we were last there we had unwell shocks and the road was washboarded. We didn't want to navigate five or whatever miles it was on the road. Is it still washboarded?
Comment by Linda Friday 25 January 2013 05:33 UTC
I took the southern route -- Ave 7E north from US95, good paved road most of the way. Near the lake itself the road is dirt, but was in good condition and had lots of traffic. I've heard the road from the north side/imperial dam is worse.
Comment by blarson Friday 25 January 2013 14:39 UTC
Hi, gonna be making my first visit soon to Mittry Lake while in town for MCAS Yuma's WTI exercise. Is the area usually crowded? Has anyone had any trouble with the locals? Can I expect a lot of gunfire from hunters early in the morning and evenings? Thanks in advance. Brian, socal_airshow_review@earthlink.net
Comment by Brian Monday 14 October 2013 04:58 UTC