Ramblings of a Techno-Viking

Loscon 2010

As usual, I spent the Friday through Sunday after thanksgiving at Loscon. It's a general SF convention, with more authors attending than movie/TV people. The past several years it has been at the LAX Marriott.

Chaz Boston-Baden at the Anime LA table
Anastasia Hunter at Gaslight Gathering table

None of the panels seemed much of interest, so I did the usual looking through the dealers room, checking out the fan tables (where you can find out about other conventions), talking to friends in the halls, munching and talking in the con suite, some open filking, and talking and munching at the various room parties.

Victoria Shapero

I sold a couple of boxes of books to Marty Massoglia who has relocated to Tuscon after closing the store in San Fernando. He now only sells at conventions and online. Marty had fun looking through the "Faces of SF" book, and identified about 80% without cheating and looking at the names.

The only book I bought was the latest in the Kris Longknife series Redoubtable. Mike Moscoe (who writes the series under the pseudonym Mike Shepherd) looked pleased at how many copies of his books Book Universe had sold, and joked that I had one of the rare unautographed Mike Shepherd books when I mentioned my copy was in my car.

Allthing with other vikings
I'm the one with the beard and horned helmet
Shawn Crosby
Colleen Crosby

There is now a page for events I am considering going to. While mostly SF cons at the moment, I expect to add some RV related events. It is linked to in the sidebar.