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It's the little things

that this post is about. Miscellaneous little things that I've done to my RV.

After getting tired of not having a clock on the dash, I taped a clock/thermometer to it. I used a loop of Gaffer tape, which leaves less residue than duct tape. Velcro may be used in the future. The dash is a poor place for the thermometer, it gives temperatures more extreme than are present in most of the RV. The second picture is of my dollar store compass, that stayed up for about 15 seconds after I took the picture. I may tape it to the dash.

A plastic cup makes a good toilet brush holder, and fits snugly held in place by the toilet water supply. Using an "awning strap" around a bottle of soap and a piece of hook velcro on the wall would work nicely if the velcro would stick to the bathroom wallpaper. This is another thing to rethink.

The AA battery powered carbon monoxide detector is now mounted where the old 12v one was. The hole in the wall the old detector left is still visible though.

One of my marker light covers had come off, and I got a used replacement in Quartzsite for $1.

The cover goes back over my replaced converter using a couple of small pieces of scrap plywood held in place with some drill screws (self-tapping sheet metal screws with a drill-bit front to drill their own pilot hole). The wood screws I used to hold the cover on aren't brown like the originals, but I didn't think that the self-tapping screws would hold reliably in the plywood.

They make brown fingernail polish. It works great to paint metal. So you can make the screws brown if you want :)
Comment by Brianna Saturday 10 September 2011 06:33 UTC