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Little Projects on my Motorhome

My journeys lately have mostly been to various places in South-Eastern California I've been before, so there has not been a lot to blog about. I spent a few days with Bob Wells and crew on the other side of I8 from Pilot Knob, but moved on partly to get TV reception. (Less than 5 miles can make a big difference, I think the problem was the mountains to the north-east.)

Staying places for a week or two at a time has let me have time for various small projects.

Thermometers for my fridge and freezer mounted on top of the useless thermostat in the living room with imitation velcro. (I think the thermostat is for auto-switching between the front and rear air conditioners.)

Replacement handle for the broken crank on the crank-up TV antenna. This gives me better leverage than the original.

Voltmeter with center-off switch between house and starting batteries. One of several hooks I've placed around for hanging stuff.

Outlet and light over the bed, where one of the shirt-closets had been. The wires had been dangling since I started my bedroom remodel. The light fixture comes from one of the lower compartments, where it was more in the way than useful. The wire from the light is a 12 volt power outlet with an Anderson Connector. A future blog article will describe using them for 12 volt power.

My Tristar MPPT 60 solar controller's web page had not been working correctly for several months. Recently it started putting out 16V during the day when it should not have exceeded 15V. I pulled the fuse from the controller to the house battery overnight, which cured the first problem but not the second. Disconnecting the battery sense wires has fixed the over-voltage, I guess they had become unreliable. (I do get a warning about the battery sense, but it's much better than overcharging my battery.)

Blars, in looking at the ant. up/down adjuster, it looks to be a 6 sided affair... You could use a wrench or deep socket wrench to do this job if not find like a window handle of the same size to do this job... Seems like an easy fix...
Comment by 4x4Steve & Zeke the mountain dog Monday 11 March 2013 03:34 UTC