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Leprecon and Casino Arizona

Leprecon is a Science Fiction convention with about four hundred members. This year it was in the Tempe Mission Palms Hotel on Easter weekend. In celebration of Easter, they did zombie panels and zombie makeup on Sunday. Parking was a bit of a problem in my motorhome. Fortunately I was able to find the required four spaces together in the far end of their lot across the light rail tracks all three days. Helping with running the Con Suite was how I spent a lot of the convention. Friday night the local artist guest did a body painting sushi demo.

Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff were the music guests and performed to their usual high standards. They do parodies of rock songs and some great original material. The picture of them is from the open filking, the ones I took of their concert did not turn out. Midichlorian Rhapsody is their biggest youtube hit, but it is too complex to perform live.

Since the hotel would not allow me to sleep in my motorhome on their parking lot, I used the parking lot at Casino Arizona to sleep in. The casino allows three nights of parking in their lot at a time, more if you gamble heavily. I had steak and eggs in their Willows Restaurant for breakfast Saturday ($8), and had the lunch buffet ($10) Monday. Both were a little fancier than my normal eating, and the buffet was very good.

And here I thought, at first glance, that she was a cake like in Tom Petty's "Don't Come Around Here No More" music video. That would have been A LOT cooler.
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