Ramblings of a Techno-Viking

Leaving LA and Honeydew Campground

Fourth times a charm -- after missing three deadlines for moving out, I finally got out of Los Angeles. There was stuff on the floor, stuff on the bed, basement compartments packed so full that they need to be nearly emptied to get at anything, and even a couple of places with nothing in them. Cottonwood Campground was my first stop, where I spent a couple of days sorting out and resting.

Next I visited my sister in San Jose, who I had not seen for about a year. One of the things we did was visit the Computer History Museum. This had been reorganized since the last time I had been there, and there was a much larger area for the exhibits. Pictured are a Babbage differencial engine reproduction and one of the Cray ones they have on display.

To avoid San Fransisco city streets, I took the east bay route north and cut over to US-101 on the Richmond bridge. ($5 toll) Avenue of the Giants (which parallels US-101) goes through the State Park, as does Mattole Road that I took to Honeydew. Mattole Road starts out narrow and not very strait, but later it widens and gets really crooked and steep. On some of the switchbacks not only did my RV take the full width of the road to turn, but my RV scraped between the axles.

Honeydew Creek BLM Campground was my first overnight stop after leaving San Jose. This is a 5-site campground west of Humboldt Redwoods State Park. I had it to myself other than the last half hour before I left. Each site has a fire ring and picnic table, but not all the parking places are well defined. There is a vault toilet and bear-proof trash containers, and an "iron ranger" to pay the $8/nigh fee. The 14 night/year limit applies to all campgrounds in this BLM district. (The limit is 14 total nights, not 14 per campground.) While the campground is close to the road, the road isn't very busy. A creek flows on the other side of the campground, that can be seen from some of the picnic tables.