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Laws Railroad Museum

For about almost 80 years there was a narrow gauge railroad running near Bishop, California. After it was shut down in 1960, the buildings, property, and one engine and some rolling stock was donated to Inyo County and the city of Bishop. This has been developed into a museum, with many other buildings added. (Some moved from elsewhere, some built with recycled material, and some movie sets.) There are many displays that are not related to the railroad including mining, farm equipment and local history. The museum is open every day, with a $5 suggested donation. On summer holiday weekends there are train rides on the self-propelled death-valley railroad car. The Laws station building is on the historic register.

If you enjoy trains -- I do -- and are ever in the Lodi area, take hwy 12 between Lodi and Vacaville (I think it's Vacaville). About midway through, not too far from Suisun City, in the middle of nowhere is a fine railway museum. Some of the gems I found there included a Blackpool tram -- they're decked out in lights for maximum tackiness during winter at the town, and it's a place I used to go to as a kid. You can also ride trains, included in the price, and one of the rides takes you out into what California used to look like 150 years ago. It's really neat. The price, IIRC, was $10/head when we were there, but it was a few years ago and may have gone up since.
Comment by Linda Friday 19 April 2013 18:09 UTC