Ramblings of a Techno-Viking

First Motorhome outing: Lancaster and Remington Hot Springs

Figuring I need to test things before doing a long outing to Quartzsite, I did a two day trip this weekend. After stopping at the Santa Clarita Camping World and WalMart, I went to the LAFA filk in Lancaster. (North of Palmdale, on CA 14.) It was cold (predicted 28 F) and windy, but my RV did fine. Early Sunday morning I continued north on CA 14 to CA 178, then west to Lake Isabella. This was a pretty good test of driving on curvy mountain roads, and I saw patchy snow. There is BLM land south of Red Rock State Park on CA 14 and also on CA 178 where camping is free, but I didn't stop. There is also an Audubon Society Campground off of this section of CA 178.

I was planning on stopping at a nice little park in Lake Isabella, but the parking lot was covered in mud. (It's on Lake Isabella Blvd almost to Bodfish, with a WWII tank and amphibious vehicle in front.)

Kern River Canyon Road was more practice driving on crooked mountain road, this mostly at 25mph. Most of the mud had been scraped off the road, but there were a few wet sections and one place where some of the road had gone downhill. I pulled in to one of the dirt parking areas for Remington Hot Springs and fixed myself some lunch, using the generator and microwave. I also did some forum reading using my laptop and 3g modem.

Remington Hot Springs is in the Sequoia National Forest next to the Kern river, with volunteer built pools to soak in. I'm deliberately not publishing the exact location. The trail to the hot springs was muddy in places, but well maintained. The pools were nice, but no one got in the coolest of the three main pools. The river was running fairly high, and we saw one group of white water kayakers go by. As usual, I hauled a bit of extra trash out but there wasn't much there since someone leaving earlier got most of it. (The picture is from a previous trip.)

Going towards Bakersfield, CA 178 is narrow and twisty, but not much up and down. It is busier than east of Lake Isabella, so I used the turnouts where appropriate. Some drivers don't seem to understand the use of turnouts. I then went south on CA 184 to Wheeler Ridge Road and I-5, avoiding most of Bakersfield.

Since I was at less than half a tank of gas on the way home, I stopped and filled up in Castaic. I went 325.3 miles and 2.6 generator hours on 42.64 gallons of gas, that's 7.62 miles/gallon. Most of the miles were highway at 55-60 miles/hour, but there was about 10,000 feet of climbing and some short hops to avoid parking tickets mixed in there too.