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Kofa King Valley

Another entrace to Kofa wildlife refuge besides Castle Dome is King Road, that goes through the King Valley and leads to the King of Arizona mine the refuge is named after. This is dirt all the way from US 95, and goes through BLM land. There are multiple places where an RV can park near the road, many of which were occupied. I chose one where hills were fairly close in all directions and only a couple of other campers were in sight. Verizon signal was week, and only spanish-language TV stations came in.

The view was a bit nicer than where I had parked near Castle Dome, but due to the lack of TV I moved on to Castle Dome after a day. At Castle Dome I parked a short ways down the road to Big Eye Mine. Walking it I found a better spot before the road was too bad for my motorhome, but it did not seem worth the bother to move. I also found some old mine shafts. It rained and I was not washed away, and a road grader smothed the main road within a day.

Hi Blars! See you in a week or so!
Comment by cyndi Monday 24 December 2012 12:23 UTC