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Jumbo Rocks and Joshua Tree National Park

Jumbo Rocks is the name of a campground in Joshua Tree National Park. It has 125 sites in several loops spread among the natural stacks of boulders. Parking for RVs is mostly parallel to the road, many of the sites could not take anything larger than a car. Many of the sites are in clumps with no privacy from the neighboring sites. Each site has a picnic table and fire ring, and space for a tent. $10/night, 14 night limit. Neither Verizon or T-Mobile signals were available.

Skull Rock nature trail is a loop that goes through part of the campground. The section on the south side of the road has many plants labeled, but I liked the north side that had more interesting collections of plants and rock formations. The loop is 1.7 miles.

Wall Street Stamp Mill is an example of equipment used to process gold ore. The vehicles parked nearby did not look like they had been moved recently. There is a wind-powered well that looks in need of repair on the trail to the mill. Easy 1.1 mile (each way) walk from the paved parking lot, there is a closer parking lot on a dirt road.

Cholla Cactus Garden is a nature trail through a large group of Cholla. After the large variety of plants seen on the Skull Rock trail I found it a disappointment, but maybe I was just tired.

Joshua Tree National Park spans parts of two deserts and the hills between them, with a wide variety of plants and animals. Much of the park does not have Joshua trees. My entry fee was covered by my America the Beautiful pass.