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IkiWiki Maps

I've been working on a plugin for IkiWiki to display locations I've mentioned in my blog on an OpenStreetMap map. While this still needs some tuning, you can see the first version here. This is using OpenLayers to show a set of icons on top of the OpenStreetMap map tiles. Besides the arrows and +/- on the upper left to move around and zoom in or out, you can drag the map to pan around or shift-drag to zoom in on a selected area. The trailers are places I've camped in my RV, and the building with columns are museums, and the tree is a picnic area. If you click on one, it will give the name in a popup and a link to my blog article. If my site becomes wildly popular, I may need to switch to an alternate source of map tiles.

Nice. Super clean and fast. Definitely a nice addition to your blog.
Comment by Hitekhomeless (jenn) Friday 08 April 2011 20:24 UTC


Is there a way for our wiki to reproduce this? I'd like to see how you have done it so we can do the same... Thanks!

Comment by anarcat Tuesday 11 October 2011 14:06 UTC
you can have a copy of my code. The main part that I need to work on is the map javascript, the perl code to create the data file works fine (but could use being documented). Send me an email to blarson at one of the obvious domains.
Comment by blarson Friday 21 October 2011 04:30 UTC
I have fixed it up a little and put it online, see plugins/contrib/osm. Cheers!
Comment by anarcat Friday 17 February 2012 03:25 UTC