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Hoover Dam

After staying a few days with a friend (who does not live in nowhere, the store in Nowhere is boarded up) I crossed the Colorado River on the new bridge just south of the Hoover Dam, then took the first exit and crossed back into Arizona over the dam. To cross the Dam you need to stop and get inspected, they did a quick look in my motorhome then had me open all the compartments for them to look in. The RV parking for the dam is on the Arizona side, but the dam road no longer goes through. The parking areas closest to the dam on both sides are pay, as are the visitors center and the tours of the dam. I just walked across, took pictures, and used the rest room on the dam. Lake Mead was well below the high water level, and I saw a paddle-wheel boat from the dam.

From the dam, you could see the road used for launching canoes for a trip I took long ago. Even in 1993 a police escort was needed to use the road. (It's a one-lane road with a bridge over itself.)

I enjoyed having you, here, Blars! You're welcome back anytime, as long as I am still in the stix and brix!
Comment by cyndi Tuesday 01 May 2012 14:55 UTC