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Helendale Road BLM

To escape the heat, I moved from the low desert near Yuma to the high desert near Victorville. My current camp is off Helendale Road between Adelanto and Helendale, north of the Airport that is mainly used for storage of older jumbo jets that are no longer in service. The area north of Victorville is dotted with patches of BLM land.

My campsite is at a wide spot on BLM road 6120 where it intersect another dirt road. Both appear to be maintained to service the water pipe running parallel to them. There is a BLM survey marker from 1959 here. TV signals are mostly strong analog rebroadcasts of Los Angeles stations, and both Verizon and T-Mobile signals are good. (The speed of the Verizon internet connection is intermittent however.)

I like benchmarks. There were a couple near Old Yuma Road between Roadrunner and Tyson's Wash.
Comment by Linda Sunday 31 March 2013 04:33 UTC