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Gold Town Casino, Pahrump Nevada

[[!osm lat="38.060211" lon="-117.220500" type="free-camp" name=Amargosa"]] After leaving Tonopah, I spent a night at Amargosa Rest Area. The Verizon signal was a bit better than Miller's, but I did not bother trying for TV.

The next day I continued to Pahrump, where I expected to stay at Terrible's Town Casino. (It was listed in Casino Camper as allowing overnight parking.) It has been renamed Gold Town Casino, and has a new players club, but still allows overnight parking. Signs inside indicate that Terrible's Lakeside Casino and RV Park has also been renamed. Verizon and T-Mobile signals are good, and a bunch of TV stations come in, but some at low resolution. (CBS is 480p.) The large vehicle part of the lot was fairly noisy with trucks and RVs as well as the traffic noise from the highway. The buffet was serving breakfast Sunday Afternoon, and most of the food seemed to have been sitting on the steam table for a while.

What a bummer.
Comment by Linda Wednesday 07 November 2012 06:11 UTC
My RV got tagged a long time ago when I was still in LA. I thought you saw it at the RTR.
Comment by blarson Thursday 08 November 2012 02:45 UTC
Guess I wasn't paying enough attention...
Comment by Linda Wednesday 14 November 2012 05:36 UTC