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Various firsts, backup camera part 2

The recent pause in blogging was not caused by lack of stuff to blog about, but due to being too busy to write my blog. Since I plan on taking it easier for a while and not traveling as much, I hope to catch back up with most of the things I should have blogged about. Contributing to the non-blogging is my laptop does not have the blog stuff installed. It has a lower-resolution screen than I like, and a cf card for a hard drive, but since it was given to me I can't really complain. The British keyboard doesn't bother me, I don't usually look at the keys anyway. (I use the US layout, so some things don't match.)

Among my firsts in the six weeks I've been fulltiming are first time paying for camping, first time plugging in overnight, first time driving away forgetting to unplug, (not far, and the plug pulled out), first time running the furnace all night (to keep it up to 45), first time the fridge door popped open while driving, first time I used the black and grey tank flush system, first overnight at a truck stop, and first time using the front curtains. (for insulation rather than privacy)

The fridge problem happened today. The door first popped open when making a turn on a street in Bodfish, CA dumping cans of soda over the floor but not breaking anything. My first attempt at jamming the door closed failed when turning onto highway 178, this time breaking a glass bottle of syrup and a couple of cans of soda, making a mess I couldn't clean up for a while because there was no good place to stop on the highway.

I pulled out the old 19" CRT TV, and replaced it with something a bit smaller and less power hungry. Actually, this is the monitor for my backup camera, back on the mount it came with. The cabling is still temporary, with the coax taped to the ceiling (more accurately, to various things on the ceiling like air conditioners, trim, ceiling fan, and the wall over the bathroom door). Currently, I dangle the power cord to the dash power outlet, but I may start using the outlet in the cupboard next to it. The power for the camera itself now come from one of the bedside lamps.

Heh, yeah. We've had a few fridge adventures...including the one on 299 on the switchbacks. Whee. Early on, before it became routine, we used keychains attached to the steering wheel as reminders.
Comment by Linda Friday 09 December 2011 04:01 UTC