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Finney Lake Campground

Finney Lake Campground is run by the California Department of Fish and Game. Hunting is allowed from boats, so in-season it may be busier. Most of the time I had it to myself, with occasional pickups driving through. Many birds are in and around it, and they can be quite noisy at times. While you are supposed to register, the book to do so has been removed. There are trash barrels, but it still has trash scattered all over. There is a big pile of broken concrete behind the vault toilet. Street signs imply the roads to the campground are closed. Picket Road does not look in good shape west of Park Ave., I recommend entering from Williams Road just west of Smith Road which appears to be the main campground entrance. Be careful where you drive, there is crusted-over mud in many places. Verizon and TV signals are good. The lake is mostly surrounded by tall reeds, so most of the birds can be heard and not seen. Sometimes the smell from the feed lots is carried in by the breeze.