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Recent reading -- Feed and Shadowunit

After tracking down a friend's pseudonym, I purchased a copy of Feed by "Mira Grant". It's a novel where the zombies are a fact of life (the initial plague happened before the main characters were born), and professional bloggers are a more trusted news source than traditional media. It's a good read for those willing to suspend a little disbelief and want something more than zombies shuffling along trying to eat you.

Shadow Unit is a series of stories on the web done as if it were a TV series -- closer to Criminal Minds than the X-Files, but it has elements of both as well as going off in its own direction. The series is in its third season, with about 8 episodes and many short pieces per season.

Hey, I think I finally got comments working again.
Comment by Blars Friday 04 March 2011 04:35 UTC

Yup. looks good to me.

You could reduce the number of cols in the textarea. Might do the trick.

Zombie story sounds interesting!

Comment by Linda Saturday 05 March 2011 05:10 UTC
I'm surprised to see that the note went through after all. Cool!
Comment by Linda Monday 14 March 2011 20:13 UTC