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Desk -- Bedroom Remodel part 2

In the previous part, I replaced the "RV King" bed with a twin size one, giving me much more usable room in the bedroom. It has taken much longer than I expected, but I have now built in a desk on one side.

A chunk of 5.3mm Oak plywood was cut to 36x44, 1x3 boards are screwed around the bottom edges, and it is notched to fit around the window valence and crank to open the window. Flat corner brackets are installed to strengthen the top.

Legs are cut and installed. The two front ones are 1x6 oak, 29 inches long, with a 12 inch spacer board on the under-mattress compartment to allow for the lip of the mattress-supporting board. Others are 1x3. The ones on the driver-side wall are shorter, since the floor bumps up for the gas-fill and some wiring. The bathroom-side wall has an extra leg, since the cutout for the valence does not let the edge boards meet.

The top is installed and screwed to the legs with corner braces. A second piece of oak plywood is cut and notched, 1/4x2 oak trim is put around the two outside edges and used to hold the top piece of plywood in place.