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Converter upgrade part 2

See Converter for information on what converter I selected.

The old transformer-style converter was rather dusty. The converter was wired to the back of the fuse board, with the unregulated output going to the top front.

On the AC side, there are three dual breakers and no room for more. The converter was on the same circuit as the microwave. After removing the old converter, I added an outlet on the coffee pot circuit for the new converter.

I used #4 wire from the new converter to the fuse panel, about a foot long. Since black was the only color the store had, I marked it with red tape at both ends on the positive wire. The #4 was hard to work with, and since the other terminal has two #8 wires, I should have used #6 or #8 instead. A short #10 wire goes from the former unregulated portion to the same terminal as the #8 wires to get the new converter output to all the fuses. The new converter is currently sitting on the floor under the closet, accessed through what remains of the enclosure for the old converter. Since the screws holding the cover were to the portion that was removed, I'll need to figure out some other way of attaching it.

I'm thinking about using the under-refrigerator cupboard for the inverter, converter, and solar charger. This is much closer to the batteries. I'd also like to get a deeper battery tray so I can use four batteries rather than two.

See little things for how I put the cover back in place.