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Congress Cemetery BLM

Leaving Scottsdale, I headed about 75 miles northwest to Congress.
The BLM area I camped in is off of Ghost Town Road, and has two Cemeteries in it. The newer one closer to the road appears to still be in use, and has graves as old as 1903 in it. The older one has a sign dating it to 1887, and the newest grave I saw is 1939. Some of the engraved stone markers were for young children, which I did not think was common practice over a hundred years ago.

This area is greener than the other Arizona public land I have camped on this winter and spring. I saw rabbits (both cottontail and jack), squirrels, dear, and a cow as well as many birds. There are houses on the other side of Ghost Town Road less than a mile from where I camped, and trains and what I think were mining explosions could be heard occasionally. Verizon and T-Mobile signals are strong, and many TV channels come in strong as well. Hills are close in every direction but south. There is lots of old rusting trash and some newer trash. Other than one old building foundation, I did not see any signs of a ghost town.

Hope to see you next week! Even if you don't make it to my driveway meeting for lunch or something would be great (my treat!) I am headed to Vegas next week, probably for an over-night or two. I have to return my son's dog. Planning on heading there on Tuesday or Wednesday (April 24, 25). Alex (RTR 2011 chef) plans on visiting me in dirtville on thursday (4/19) if you care to join us, I'm making something tasty (I hope)

DAMN! I wish your journal would show up on my reading list!!!

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