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Condor and Sunland San Diego RV Park

On the way between Plaster City and San Diego, it snowed hard enough that I decided to get off the road and eat lunch at the Golden Acorn Casino. There are three passes over 4000 feet elevation between El Centro and San Diego on Interstate 8.

This is the second year in a row I attended Condor, a nice little SF convention in San Diego. My activities at the con were pretty similar to last year, other than the last trolly was at 10:29 so I needed to leave early. Conney Willis was Guest of Honor.

Sunland San Diego RV Park is in La Mesa, about ten miles east of downtown San Diego. There is a "trolly" stop next door, and there is another across the San Diego River from the Town and Country Hotel. The three-day trolly pass was $14. (Including $2 for the card.) The trolly ride and walks took about 45 minutes each way, not counting the wait for the trolly which ran about every half hour and was on schedule most of the time. With the Passport America discount, the three-night RV park stay cost me about $90. Since I mainly used it as a place to sleep, I did not hook up to the provided cable TV or check out the facilities, but they did look nice from the outside. My site backed up to the creek that flows by the RV park, but I couldn't see the water unless I walked to the wall at the back of the site.