Ramblings of a Techno-Viking

Cell Phone Antenna and RV service

While in Southern Oregon, I did several little projects and made progress on some big ones.

Since my refrigerator was not reliably igniting on propane (it worked fine on electric, and if I lit the burner withing the timeout) I had in serviced at Jackson RV. It turned out to be the electronic module, which the replaced with the Dinosaur version. They also replaced my curb-side mirror and the cover over my front air conditioner. I purchased a replacement lid for my bathroom vent from them and replaced it myself. The service appointment I was given was over a week after I requested one, but that is typical from what I have read. Overall I am happy with the service, and I think their prices are fair.

Since I plan on doing some boondocking, and many places the cell signal is marginal for my usb 3g modem, I ordered an antenna, adapter cable, and amplifier with accessory kit from Maximum Signal. The "Trucker" antenna is mounted on the driver side of my motorhome and the cable runs over the roof to a hole I drilled on the curb side. So far I have only tested the antennas, the amplifier has not been needed. While it is difficult to tell, since connection speed varies up and down everywhere I have been, I think I am getting better speed with the antenna than without, at least here in the desert. (An antenna or amplifier will only give better speed if the signal strength is causing problems, not if it is an overloaded or old technology cell limiting the speed.) In the picture, the cell antenna is about the middle of the rig, by the refrigerator vent. The black antenna further forward is a CB antenna, and the radio antenna by the windshield is barely visible.

Other things I did while in Oregon include getting my drivers licence, Oregon plates for my RV, and full-time insurance. I am now once again and Oregon resident. I also replaced my windshield wipers.