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Carson City -- State Museum, Capitol Building, and Nugget Casino

The Carson Nugget Casino allows overnight RV parking in their lot #4, which has lines marked for 35' RVs. You need to ask for a parking pass from their security office. The casino is in downtown Carson City, near the State Museum, Capitol Building, various state offices, two smaller casinos and at least half a dozen restaurants. There was no buffet when I was there. I ate breakfast in their Cafe, reasonable but not exciting.

The old Carson City Mint building is part of the State Museum. It is catty-cornered from the Nugget. The museum admission is $8, and it has displays on mining, minting, a ghost town, slot machines, natural history, minerals, native americans, and other things as they apply to the state. I was unaware of the border war between Nevada and California. The display on atomic testing was disappointingly small. It took me about 3 hours to see the museum.

The Capitol building has a free small museum in the old senate hall, mostly about the building itself and the politics of the state.

It was hotter'n hell when I went through Carson City last time, but I did enjoy the place. That's good info about their casino though. I walked through the grounds of the city hall but IIRC it was closed when I was there.
Comment by Linda Wednesday 09 May 2012 04:01 UTC

We'll be here within the week.... if I fail to talk Johnny into staying at Mammoth Lakes for another month.

Definitely gonna visit the city museum. Probably going to stay at the Casino while we stock up after two or more months of HWY 395 tourist grocery prices. Johnny swears he saw a jar of peanut butter go from $4 to $10 in three weeks at the Von's in Mammoth lakes. That same jar would cost $2.5 elsewhere. I digress. Anyway, is there anything that you wish you would have seen in the area? Or perhaps between here (mammoth lakes) and there.

Glad to see you went caving! Kick ass. Hope to see you this winter. Cheers!

Comment by hitekhomeless(jenn) Sunday 22 July 2012 07:37 UTC
The railroad museum is the main thing I feel I missed in Carson City. I certainly could have spent more time at the hot springs in the Mammoth area. There is pleanty to do around my campground, but lots get put off because of either rain or being too busy.
Comment by blarson Sunday 22 July 2012 18:45 UTC