Ramblings of a Techno-Viking

Box Canyon Road BLM

After a little more shopping in Quartzsite, where I picked up some tools for $.50 each and a frying pan for $3.50, I filled up at exit 1 with cheap Arizona gas (groceries are cheaper in CA, gas in AZ) and headed back in the direction of Los Angeles. I stopped back at Chiriaco Summit and bought a couple of BLM maps in the information center. (The California maps are available a bit cheaper from http://www.blm.gov/ca/st/en/info/iac/maps_pubroom.html.)

My overnight stay was less than 10 miles further west, off of the exit for Joshua Tree National Park. There is some BLM camping near the border to the park, but instead I headed south and west. I drove down one of the dirt roads that looked suitable for my RV, and parked just off of the dirt road not far from the paved road. While I could see a constant stream of cars on the freeway, and one or two vehicles whizzed by every five or ten minutes on Box Canyon Road in the afternoon, there was no other parked vehicle or buildings in sight. The only sign of humans to the south besides the dirt road was a high voltage electrical line.

I played on my computer (good Verizon 3g signal), did some small projects on my RV, watched a movie (first test of the VHS player that came with the RV -- I still haven't tried the CRT TV or TV antenna), and wandered around collecting a bag of trash in the morning. The sight wasn't as level as the ones I had in Quartzsite so I used the levelers for the first time. (As opposed to just testing them.)