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To blog or not to blog

Well, this is an experiment. Currently I'm just writing stuff using emacs, and plan on formatting it and putting it up on web pages later. The formatting stuff isn't really an issue, I'm not thrilled with most of the blog formats I've seen, but writing a perl program to add html tags, headers and footers should be pretty easy. Whether I can continue to motivate myself to write these frequently is the main question.

School managed to teach me that writing is a chore that should be dreaded, so I haven't written much in the past mumble decades. Hopefully I can unlearn this, and learn to enjoy it. Writing about subjects of interest to me, without hard deadlines, should help a lot. I do read quite a bit, and expect to write about that later.

Apparently, a few people make good money with popular blogs, and many more have at least some income from them. There are two sources for this income I've found out about so far: ads on the blog page, and paid product mentions in the blog itself. People get paid to mention products, whether they use them or not. So you should be suspicious of product mentions that don't fit into the person's lifestyle when reading a blog. Many of these paid placements don't want that mentioned in the blog, so there may be vague mentions of "sponsors" or even explicit mention of not being paid for specific product reviews.

Unlike my previous web pages, I expect to put ads on this blog (if it continues) and hope it will at least pay for itself. At this point in my life, I'm just to poor to do otherwise. If it actually makes money, I can justify spending more time on it.

Subject matter I plan on blogging about include RVs and the fulltime lifestyle, why I'm planning on doing that, OpenStreetMap, Debian, SF, SF fandom, furry fandom, filk, naturism, electronics, computers, and life. I'm sure food, traveling, places, and people will get mentioned too.

A catchy name for my blog would be nice. Two of the ones I'm following have the blog named after the RV, but I don't have an RV yet. This also means I can't use a picture of my RV in a nice spot for the blog header.

Pictures add interest to the blog entries, but I don't have anything appropriate (with permissions) for either of the entries I've done so far.

How often I add blog entries remains to be seen. For now, I'm thinking about somewhere between daily and weekly.

Check out morguefile.com for free images, plus you can sometimes get images under the appropriate Creative Commons license on Flickr/Wikimedia Commons. It's generally just easier, and more fun, to take your own pictures. ;)

Linda @ Raven's Roads

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