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Blair Valley

Blair Valley, like Yaqui Pass, is in the Anza-Borrego State Park. Camping is allowed on any dry plant-free spot next to one of the dirt roads. Fires are only allowed in metal containers. There are a pair of vault toilets and many such spots just off of the county highway. I did not get any cellular reception. While the place I camped was dry when I parked there, it rained that night.

Marshal South and his family lived on "Ghost Mountain" for sixteen years starting in 1932. I took the hike to the ruins of his house. One of the photos is looking down on the valley from near this house, my motorhome can be seen in the parking area for the trail. There are also a couple of Indian sites with trails to them. The park visitors center has a film they will show about this family on request.

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It looks like quite a trek to get to the trail...what's the road like (aside from wiggledy)?
Comment by Linda Saturday 03 March 2012 06:22 UTC
It's about 3.5 miles of not too bad dirt road, pretty level, some washboard and potholes, a few places where the plants scraped the sides of my motorhome.
Comment by blarson Saturday 03 March 2012 17:52 UTC
I doubt we'll be headed home that way this year, so maybe another year. I eye those remote markers with glee.
Comment by Linda Saturday 10 March 2012 00:47 UTC