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Black Mountain Road BLM

About mid-way between Blythe and Brawley on CA 78, about the same distance to Yuma, is a dirt road heading to Black Mountain. The closest stores are about 20 miles away in Palo Verde or Glamis, neither of which is a large community. After the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous, I wanted some time by myself and this was a great location for it. This is hilly desert with a variety of plants (including the hated Cholla), and there are only a few places on the road where parking is reasonable. I set up on a ridge, and had good TV signals. My 3g internet (Millenicom/Verizon) was good most of the time but sometimes I got no signal, maybe the closest cell tower was having problems. No T-mobile signal. No one else was camped in view, although there were some larger flat areas further down the road that had obviously been used for camping. The dirt roads, antennas on the hill, and highway traffic in the distance were the only signs of man readily visible. Traffic was a bit higher than I expected, besides the 4-wheelers and hikers (a group of which decided to park right next to me rather than find somewhere else), there were a bunch of trucks maybe going up to service the antennas. BLM wilderness starts on one side of the road near where I camped. Challange -- spot my motorhome in each of the pictures.

Wow, that road is narrow.
Comment by Linda Monday 11 February 2013 06:56 UTC
The narrow roads are beond where I parked, I only hiked on them. The portion of Black Mountain Road I drove on was wide enought I could have passed traffic going the other direction. Further in it narrows and is paved.
Comment by blarson Monday 11 February 2013 14:33 UTC