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Free SF electronic books -- Baen Free Library

If you like Science Fiction and Fantasy, and want to read some for free, check out the Baen Free Library. There are about 100 books available in several different formats, including HTML that can be read with your web browser on just about any computer. I'm pretty sure you can find something compatible with most any e-reader. Many are military SF, but some are classics. Many are the first in a series. This is done with the authors and publishers permission. The catch is they hope you will like them and buy more. Authors include David Webber, John Ringo, Eric Flint, and David Drake. Louis McMaster Bujold only has a short story in the free library.

Sales of paper copies of some of the books in the free library went up significantly after they were made available on the free library.

There are also about 20 different CD collections of Baen books that contain dozens of books each. There is quite a bit of overlap between the CDs, and some with the free library. Initial distribution is done in first-edition hardbacks. I've also seen them as free samples at SF conventions. People are allowed to copy and give away, but not sell, the CDs. The David Webber and John Ringo CDs contain every book they published with Baen at that point. Baen does not put these on the Internet, but at least one site does have them available for download, reportedly with permission.

Baen will, of course, also sell you electronic copies of current titles. There are monthly collections published, including all the new titles as well as reprint titles. The books are available in multiple formats, and not copy protected. Once you have purchased a title, you may download it as many times and in as many formats as you want.

Baen books are free to disabled readers.

Books are fairly small downloads, so even if you are on a 3g connection it won't usually be a problem.

Please note that I'm not getting anything for telling you about this, other than hopefully helping people find good books to read and encouraging an open policy towards distributing fiction electronicly.