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American Girl Mine Road BLM

After ordering my glasses in Algodones, I needed a cheap place to stay in the general area for a week. Freecampsites.net showed Ogilby Road as a possibility. Near the freeway the BLM land has "Fee area" signs, but after a mile or so on the wide but washboardy American Girl Mine Road there is a "14 day area" sign. I continued on this for another mile or two then turned off on a narrow unnamed side road and selected a level gravel area that had obviously been used before. Someone had a gardening urge and had surrounded the plants with rings of stones, as well as a couple of fire rings. The area is not nearly as isolated as I expected, there are RVs in every direction. None are particularly close, This area is relatively flat, and it's pretty easy to see for miles through the bushes and short trees. The trains that were a noise problem in my previous camping spot can still be heard, but they are miles away so not as irritating. The weather was quite nice, getting up to about 80 most days and most nights it stayed warm enough that my furnace did not run. Verizon and T-Mobile signals are strong, as are the Yuma TV stations. (TV reception is much better here than it was at South Mesa RV Park.) Several of the desert plants are in bloom.

The week I spent campped here allowed me to work on several RV projects, as well as time to read several books. (The Belisarius series by David Drake and Eric Flint, the first books are available in the Baen free library.)

Hello Blarson, I've been enjoying your Techno Viking blog. Thanks for sharing. One question about 14 Day camping: are these the campsite where your buy a seasonal pass and then the campsites are free? Or are they just free free? 8-D I hope to be joining you soon on the free campsite trail. Keep up the good work. Sincerely, David

Comment by David Thoreau Saturday 24 March 2012 04:56 UTC
Most of the camping is free, I think I've only blogged about one place where camping is free only with the america the beutiful pass ($80/year) or the senior or disabled version, and I mentioned the need of the pass. I have not stayed in any of the BLM LTVA areas, those are $180 for the 7 month winter season. (no 14 day limit, some have limited facilites)
Comment by blarson Saturday 24 March 2012 17:13 UTC