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Victorville and Adelanto RV park

Most of December I have been in the vicinity of Victorville, California on BLM land with Bob Wells (AKrvBob) (and Homer) in his trailer and his friend Steve in a van. It has been pretty chilly, getting below freezing most nights. There have been a few rainy days, and today was quite windy. My furnace has been getting a workout keeping my bedroom at about 50 F at night, and so has my generator recharging my batteries. I not only need to get my solar system installed, I need to get a larger battery bank. (Both will be subjects of future blog posts.) This location has resonable cell signals (both verizon and t-mobile) and I get about 6 channels on my TV antenna. (including CBS, NBC, and PBS, but no ABC)

Since I needed to fill my water tank, empty my black and grey tanks, and give my battery bank a good charging (which running the generator for a few hours does not do), I decided to spend a night in an RV park. Adelanto RV Park was the closest, and about the same price as other full-hookup ones in the area ($30/night). For that I got a spot on a gravel parking lot with a worn-out 30-amp outlet (twice my plug disconnected itself, crashing my computer), water spigot, sewer hole, and cable TV. I did not even look in the laundry, clubhouse, swimming pool, or hot tub. I did take advantage of the trash dumpsters. If I am going to do this often, I need to get a 50 amp to 30 amp cable (the 50 amp outlet looked fine) and a longer cable with F connectors. (I had to move my RV to get it in reach of the 6-foot cable I had -- my long one is in the RV connecting my TV to where the connection is.) I used the unlimited water to do my dishes and take a nice shower. There was quite a bit of traffic noise during the day from cars going by fast that the wooden fence didn't seem to dampen. I had one of the central pull-through spots, the nicer but smaller back-in spots look like they may be longer term residents.


I hope I'm barking up the right tree here - a comment was the only way I could see to get in touch, and a bit of searching led me here. I'm a Bay Area OpenStreetMap contributor, and I'm trying to track down this user: http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/blars - is it you?

OSM is going to be switching licenses from Creative Commons to the ODbL in three months, and we're going to lose data through rollback or outright deletion from any user who hasn't agreed to the new user terms. Based on what I'm seeing at http://teczno.com/s/5wc, we've got you to thank for a lot of the high-quality coastline in the Bay and Delta. Will you consider logging in to OSM and agreeing to the new terms?

Thanks and I hope you're enjoying the RV thing!

Comment by Michal Migurski Tuesday 27 December 2011 02:50 UTC