Ramblings of a Techno-Viking

A visit to 23b

23b is a Hackerspace in Fullerton, California. Unlike Null Space Labs, it has lots of equipment for working with metal and wood, and not much for dealing with surface-mount parts on printed circuit boards. Saturday they had their more-or-less monthly potluck, and I arrived a couple of hours early so I could see what was going on. Most of the activity was people working on their cars and trucks. One person was upgrading the shock absorbers in his vehicle, including welding in new mounts, another was working on his power breaks, someone installed a LED dome light, and there were at least two other cars worked on. Previously built projects that were shown included a skull with animated eyes and jaw and some cast aluminum.

The shop location is in a mixed neighborhood where there are houses, a tattoo parlor, fast food, and a railroad track within a block. It's about a mile from the Fullerton Metrolink station (commuter rail). The building it is in cannot be seen from the street, being hidden behind buildings facing both the main street and the side street. This is about five miles north of Disneyland.

Apparently this was one of their tamer potlucks, no unicycle jousting or flame-throwing was done. One balloon was launched with a blue LED, which we watched until it rose through the clouds. The vegetarian tacos were quite good.